Sidebar development
In the past I worked on some sidebar stuff for Mozilla but since Konqueror has replaced the lizard I am more interested in KDE sidebars now...

Currently I am working on a plugin for the konqueror sidebar showing RSS formatted documents.

sidebar kdcop

This doesn't look really impressive but the real magic happens behind the scenes.

After developing a RSS DCOP service based on librss written by Frerich Raabe, Ian Reinhard Geiser has reimplemented the service with a proper API design. This DCOP service is part of KDE 3.2.

For now you can find two client tools utilizing the RSS service:

Keep in mind that the sidebar plugin has been added to kdeaddons just recently. So if you fear CVS HEAD you have to wait till KDE 3.3. One of the long term goals is to port kdenetwork/knewsticker to the RSS DCOP service.

You can find more information in an Dot article.